What's going on...

New Project Underway

Nice time of year for a transition. As my carpentry schedule slows down a web angel raises it's head. My good friend Justin has undertaken a new business venture from the ground up. He finally found soul mates in ambition. Now here sits www.hopheadbeertours.com. Not your typical "booze cruise" Hop Head Beer Tours caters to the discriminating hops connoisseur. Currently a single

page showcasing the inagural tour of Milwaukee area breweries is acting as placeholder. Soon a full site will be born as several new tours are added to the companies itinerary. Reception has been over the top, shocking I know, since it's based in Wisconsin ;)

Next Duluth Discovery ... Jay Cooke State Park

Finally after a few weeks of rushing every weekend we finally decided to take an afternoon and reap the reason we moved up here. A scant 15 minutes later we arrived at Jay Cooke State Park. It is simply amazing how Duluth feels like a city built in the middle of vast tracts of raw wilderness. I guess it's because it IS a city built in the middle of

millions of acres of prime northern boreal forest. Click on through for a few pictures of the dayhike or visit the Minnesota DNR site for the park.